Monday, April 20, 2009

10 years of healing, a time to be grateful.

April 20, 1999 - In a place where the halls were filled with laughter of teens, classrooms were filled with conversations with friends and the library was quiet with developing minds. A time where seniors were excited about graduation and their future. We all remember the tragic day when all the common sounds of a high school environment turned to the sounds of war with gun shots and screams.
Ten years later, a school...a community...a nation continues to heal, forgive, and move forward. Moving forward doesn't mean to forget, but to use the memories to create a better future. Many survivors continue to tell the story, not to make money and not to focus on the loss but to share the perspective of the survivors. This is not to disrespect those who lost their lives ten years ago or the families who may continue to grieve.

We will never forget the ones we have lost and how they impacted our lives. But we often allow ourselves to die with them. What I want to offer to all those who are struggling to move forward. Maybe you have lost someone or maybe you are a survivor of a situation that should have taken your life. I offer this to you...healing is a process and in that process you must use the hurt and pain to help someone else. That may seem impossible, but it is necessary. The more we give, the more we heal.

And in that healing, we're able to see the goodness in life and be grateful for every moment. So if you want to heal, serve others and you will find a place of gratitude. You will look at your life with an attempt to properly describe your joy and you will's....just good!

Nancy Reynolds


  1. Thank you so much for this post and this blog! It is so easy to be grateful when things are good. Sometimes challenging when things are not so good, ok always challenging. Finding the good in life is not easy when the road is hard. Cherishing those good moments and really LIVING in them, showing gratitude for all the good in life, is how you gain happiness. Please keep the good thoughts coming, I have faith! Faith in people, faith in my Heaveny Father and Savior, and faith in me. I am grateful for that and all those that enrich my life w/goodness.

  2. Nancy, this is awesome. I had no idea it had been 10 years already. Thanks for the words of wisdom.